Saturday, November 29, 2008

Weekly or Daily Weigh-Ins?

When on a weight loss program, one is often presented with the dilemma of whether or not to weigh-in daily.

Allow me to weigh-in on this issue.

I think that daily weigh-ins are a bad idea. Firstly, even if you are consistently losing weight every week you will not necessarily loose weight every single day. In fact you might have individual days where you actually gain weight.

If you weigh yourself daily, you will not really get a clear picture of the overall long-term trend, which is what really matters.

Secondly, I really like the idea of getting a weekly "reward" -- the good news that you get when you weigh-in at the end of the week. This gives a better idea of your overall weight-loss trend and after all, long term weight-loss is what you are seeking.

(Photo: Andreanna)

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