Saturday, November 1, 2008

On Appetite Suppression

I've been doing some thinking as to how the AS manifests itself.
So far what I've experienced seems to come in at least two forms:
  • The type of classical loss of appetite that one experiences when one is upset or nervous. Of course the good part is that the AS is occurring without the accompanying emotional distress.
  • The other type is similar to (but still somewhat distinct from) a "motion-sickness" type of loss-of-appetite.
The unique part is that the AS is occurring by itself as a "stand-alone" sensation. This is a fairly new experience and I'm assuming it will take some time to get acclimated to this. Prior to the SLD the only ways I could lose my appetite would be either through eating food (too much of course, that's the whole problem!), some emotional distress, or getting car sick!

I believe I'm also experiencing some de-sensitivity to foods. I can look at someone else eating and not necessary feel like *I* need to eat as well.

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