Saturday, November 22, 2008

Connecticut Protects Me from Bad Olive Oil

As a long-time resident of the state of Connecticut, I've been the beneficiary of many of the advantages that the state has to offer: nice beaches, beautiful fall foliage, not being able to buy beer after 8:30pm, etc.

But now I enjoy a special protection of particular interest to those of us on the SLD: Connecticut is now the first state in the nation to impose quality standards for olive oil.

Even before the SLD, I would buy name-brand oil from reputable stores, so I've not had what I'm sure is the unpleasant experience of exposure to sub-standard oil. But, it's nice to know that going forward the state will be right there to protect me.

Way to go dudes in Hartford!

Link: Connecticut takes on slippery olive oil standards.

(Photo: prakhar)

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