Saturday, November 8, 2008

Knowing When to Put the Fork Down

Many restaurants serve extremely large portions. Prior to the SLD, I almost always finished the entire portion that was served to me, regardless of size. Most likely not because I really needed to finish it all, but simply out of force of habit.

Lately, I've noticed I've been leaving some food behind. Not always, and sometimes not very much but there has on occasion been food still on my plate when I push it away.

I think that sometimes we feel we need to finish what we are served, no matter how big the portion is. Since I've been on the SLD, I've been eating slower and I've found I'm much more deliberative between bites. At some point in the meal, I'll often come to the realization that I'm not actually hungry anymore. That's the point at which I put the fork down and stop eating.

Another added benefit of the slower pace at which I'm consuming food it that I think I'm actually enjoying meals more, taking time to actually taste and savor what I'm eating.

(Photo: Ralph Hockens)

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