Saturday, December 6, 2008

Oil and Water: Revisited

A few weeks ago, I wrote that I've been taking my ELOO "straight" in a shot glass.

Recently, I've slightly altered my method and I think this "new" technique is making taking the oil quite a bit more palatable.

What I've been doing now is adding ice-cold water to the oil, and then shooting it down in a single gulp. I've been adding 2-3 tbs. of cold water to the 2 tbs. of oil I've been taking with each dose.

I then chase it down with a tall glass of either water or plain seltzer.

I believe that the cold water makes the oil go down a bit easier and helps to minimize any flavor that the oil might have.

I've also been nose-pinching while swallowing the oil, which does eliminate the oil's odor (and hence the flavor).

Link: Oil Drinking Method

(Photo: Shereen M)

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