Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Saving Money While Losing Weight

Saving money is a good thing.
Losing weight is also a good thing.
Accomplishing them both is a very good thing.

One of the nice benefits of the SLD when compared to other weight loss plans is the relatively low cost.

For example, I've been buying 51 oz. bottles of ELOO at Stop-and-Shop for $11.50.
At my rate of consumption, (4 tbs./day) that's less than 50-cents per day for the ELOO.

Couple that with the fact that since I'm eating less, I'm also spending less money on food -- the SLD can be a cost-saver as well. This is distinct from other plans, where you need to pay a premium for special foods, etc.

If you really want to take this further, you can couple the SLD with The Ration Book Diet (in brief, it has you eat as though WWII food rationing was in effect).

Link: Save Money, Lose Weight With the Ration Book Diet

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